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I list it about the disclaimer of our website.



Our website is intended to have a stockholder, investors understand information such as our management policies, plan, financing situation and does not invite the purchase of our stocks, investment including the sale.

I pay attention to the publication of information, the document to our website, but do not guarantee it about published contents entirely. In addition, about the damage that occurred in conjunction with our website including the downloading of placed information or the error and data or the obstacle, we do not take responsibility regardless of the reason at all.

The description about future achievements is included in a part of the information placed in our website. I do not guarantee future achievements, and such a description contains a risk and uncertainty. The future achievements, please note the thing that may be different from a real result by environmental changes.

When I have you understand the above-mentioned thing, and decision about the investment is done, you see the documents such as the securities reports which we issue and do it and hope that it is performed by your judgment.