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Company Profile

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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name

EM Systems Co., Ltd.

Address of
The Head Office

6-1, Miyahara 1-chome, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka Japan

Date Established

January 23 ,1980


2,785 million yen(as of December 31 , 2021)

Stock Listing

Tokyo Stock Exchange,Prime section(Code:4820)

Number of
Sales Offices

36 locations nationwide(as of December 31 , 2021)
(1 subsidiary sales bases)

Number of

558 people(as of December 31 , 2021)


EM Technology Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Pop-Creation Co., Ltd.

Brick Pharmacy Inc.
ChoQi Co.,Ltd.

EM Software Systems Development(N.J.)Co., Ltd.
EM Software Systems Development(S.H.)Co., Ltd.


Lasante Co., Ltd.


Meisho System Co., Ltd.

Business Guidance

IT Systems for Pharmacies

IT Systems for Pharmacies(Largest Share of the Domestic Market Sales of medical fee receipt computers and electronic medication records to pharmacies.)35.6% of the domestic market share (as of the end of Dec. 2021; in-house survey);highest in the industry
Shop at which a pharmacist is always on duty and that fills health insurancebased prescriptions as issued by physicians. Shops that exclusively conduct sales of behind-the-counter drugs and non-prescription drugs (chemists and some drugstores) are not included under the term “pharmacy.”
(2)Receipt computer:
Computer that creates medical fee receipts (itemized statements of medical expenses). Also, enables management of pharmaceutical inventory and at-the-counter payments.
3)electronic medication records:
A system that, in connection with medical fee receipt computers, electronically manages records of prescriptions and medication counseling based on prescriptions issued by physicians.


IT Systems for Clinics

IT Systems for Clinics Sales of medical accounting systems and electronic medical record systems to clinics and medical offices.
3.1% of the domestic market share (as of the end of Dec 2021; in-house survey)
(1)Medical office / clinic:
Facilities either unequipped to conduct inpatient treatment or that contain 19 or fewer inpatient beds. Most specialize in outpatient healthcare. Capable of determining whether an ailment is light or whether it requires inpatient treatment at a hospital or other specialized treatment. Some facilities also fill prescriptions on-site.
Contains 20 or more inpatient beds. Core role is the provision of inpatient healthcare.Provides specialized care including emergency healthcare,specialized healthcare, advanced healthcare, etc. Some facilities also fill prescriptions on-site.
(3)Medical accounting system:
Software that supports accounting operations (including creation of medical fee receiptts) relating to healthcare provided at medical institutions.
(4)Electronic medical record:
Comprehensive system for editing and managing paper medical records in the form of electronic data as well as for storing such data in a database.


IT Systems for Care/Welfare
Other Business

System businesses targeting long-term care providers Sales of office processing (long-term care insurance claim processing) systems targeting long-term care/welfare providers. 5.7% of the domestic market share (as of the end of Dec 2021; in-house survey)

Brick Pharmacy Inc.
・Pharmacy business
・Community-based pharmacies through the holding of health classes, etc.

ChoQi Co.,Ltd.
・Cashless payment service for clinics and pharmacies
・Online Payment Service for Medical Institutions
・Data Analysis Services for Medical Institutions